Krav Maga Nederland Training

Review seminar Krefeld

Op 2 en 3 maart gaf Branimir op uitnodiging van Krav Maga Krefeld/Duisburg uit Duitsland het seminar Hard Target Tactical Blueprinting. Instructeur Sacha Koth heeft een review over het seminar geschreven: 

During my activity in Krav Maga (different Krav Maga Styles since 2007), I noticed the former Dutch representative of the Israeli Krav Maga Association and current president of Krav Maga Nederland, Branimir Tudjan, some time ago.

Extremely impressed by his interpretation and implementation of Krav Maga I quickly decided to invite Branimir for a seminar in Germany. 

At 2nd and 3rd of March it was done: 45 highly motivated participants from Krefeld, Duisburg, Dresden, Berlin, Munster, Siegen, Mainz, Dusseldorf, Leiden, Amsterdam and Brussels had arrived to train and to learn Branimir's Hard Target Tactical Blueprinting course.

During these two days of the seminar, we went to 5% techniques and to 95% tactics, drills and strategies for the real world self defense.

Essential ingredients to create the tactical blueprint were, among many other seminar concepts, the subjects of fear/anxiety control (and associated body control) and aggressive behavior in a violent confrontation.

Pre-epmtive strikes, approaches against multiple opponents and even concepts for worst-case scenarios on the ground were trained in the practical sessions on highly dynamic drills. 

The uniqueness of these drills was, that the participants learned how to fight without first exercising certain techniques.

Those participants who came with the expectation or hope to close gaps and to get a uncompromising practical method for the real thing was, do not need to look further.

I was overwhelmed during the entire two days of positive feedback about Branimir and his Hard Target Tactical Blueprinting concept and his Krav Maga approach.
Branimir himself was impressed by the zeal and power of the participants, who gave everything possible in a really great atmosphere.

What can be said with absolute certainty is: This seminar was the first but not the last with Branimir Tudjan in Krefeld / Germany! His approach and my/our kind of Krav Maga fit together so well that we are already planning the next joint activities."

Sascha Koth
Instructor Krav Maga Krefeld/Duisburg
Instructor K.S.K (Kubotan Selbstverteidigungs-Konzept)