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Street Safe

DVD Street Safe Lee Morrison Branimir Tudjan

3-Disc DVD Set by Lee Morrison & Branimir Tudjan

Prevailing in Hostile Situations Within an Urban Environment


This instructional DVD set is all about learning how to employ the necessary street smart-personal security skills that will allow you to avoid the majority of potential dangers that you are likely to come across in an urban city environment. Be it in the place you live or, for the frequent traveller, any city that you find yourself in when abroad.

This program gives cutting-edge advice on a variety of topics relating to avoidance, escape, surveillance detection, de-escalation skills, strategies in potential trouble spots, as well as some simple combative skills and principles should you find physical violence inevitable.

For the first time ever, leading self-protection authorities Lee Morrison and Branimir Tudjan work together to give you their conclusions from their years of study and live experience - giving the viewer the best chance of prevailing in any potential hostile confrontation.

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